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Common Types of Websites

Not sure what you need?

Take a look at this chart to get an idea of what options are available and what common website types include. This is just a guideline; most features can be incorporated into any website.

Business Card SiteWeb Presence Brochure Website eMarketing Website eCommerce Website Dynamic Website
Average # of pages 1 3 3-5 5-10 >10 >20
Home Page X X X X X X
Contact Page X X X X X
Service/Products Page X X X X X
Email/Spam Harvesting Protection X X X X
Privacy Page X X X
Information Sharing X X X X X X
Information Gathering X X X
Database Backend X X
Content Management System (CMS) X X X
User Logon and Personalization X X
Target User Profiling X X X
Custom Graphic Design X X X
Simple Navigation System X X
Full Navigation System X X X
Shopping Cart X X
Section 508 Compliant X X X
Community Forums X

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