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The Vendor/Client Relationship

Whatever you do in your career, it's for certain that you have spent hours upon hours perfecting a skill. You've trained yourself to complete a task from front to back, up and down and all points in between.

Isn't is completely galling when someone asks (or in some cases dictates) what price they think they should pay? You know your business. You know the endless training you've put in, not to mention student loans that don't exactly go away because you ignore them!

At Oceansites, we don't play games. We utilize Occam's Razor in seeking a solution, and in most cases, that's correct.

Quid Pro Quo is key.

So what are you really paying for, outside hard costs to the developer? Their time, of course.

Time spent researching your individual case and needs and arriving at a solution. Time spent doing mock-ups for your approval. Time Spent. Depending upon the scope-of-project this could be a quick 1 hour consult, or a total immersion into your field of expertise.

And the other part of the developer's job is keeping abreast of the latest technology in order to keep what you have looking AWESOME!

Understanding your needs is our first concern. We "Put The Eyebrows" on your business. Online.

And we can deliver. We can make your dreams leap off the website and into your viewers' hearts. We can gather your data. We can make your viewers laugh and think and keep them coming back. Whatever your need, "we got this".

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