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Mr. PHP and MySql and Jargon you don't understand. Building your own website- The Bare Bones Basics

spamlandNowadays everyone has a web presence. Be it through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Youtube or any combination thereof. It seems that the general level of "web savvy" has increased, yeah?

Actually, programmers have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours creating the php, CSS, xhtml, Ajax calls, and styling to make it feel like the end user "really has a grasp on the internet" "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".

What do I need to do in order to make my own website?

Well...what do you want to do? Do you have a one-page invite thing that only requires a basic form to reply to an email address, or is your vision a big complicated thing that you need help making sense of? There's several approaches to the task at hand.

However simple the website, it would be a smart idea to "begin with the end in mind"; you'll probably want to consider a Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpress. By having a CMS present, you get the opportunity to manage your own web content. When working with data-driven sites, the "Eyebrows" on your website are secondary to the actual content that you bring. The template is a "wrapper" to your articles with the images laid out as you like them. Oh yeah, there's an interface for you to upload, and an inline editor for you to format your text, just like MS Word!

Imagine adding dates to your event calendar. Photos to an album. Articles that you deem relevant to your business. In other words, Your own personal or business website. A website that will grow from the meager 1 or 2 blog posts in the beginning stages to full-blown press release machine and wellspring of "all things you". Link your Facebook over, Twitter, MySpace, etc. It's all possible and easier than you think.

Content Management Systems offer many variations of templates to change the look of your site, Components, Modules, and Plugins to create interactivity and visual amenities on your website. They are easy to install.

But there's some hair-tearing involved. We have ripped out the necessary follicles many, many times over on your behalf. Ergo, My thinning hairline exists for the betterment of your online image. :D

The first steps you ought to consider are a few tutorials on HTML and basic CSS. At the very least, learn HTML formatting. It's very simple.

  • HTML is a markup language that allows you to format your documents. It's quite simple actually. There are simple tutorials online here.
  • CSS is short for "Cascading Style Sheets" but it's a language that can be written either within html tags (inline CSS) or attached to an external document. You'll need to go read up on it a bit, but between HTML and CSS, that's what makes your website look pretty.

Advanced Stuff

Beyond all the cosmetic and layout stuff, the HTML and CSS directing what element goes where on the page... the Calendar box in the upper left corner and the logo in the center of the top of the page and the content below with blue text.... got it?...

If you have a CMS website like Joomla or Wordpress or Drupal, those sites use PHP and MySql in addition to HTML and CSS. PHP is the megaphone that "calls" out to the crowd that is the "database". And SQL is a language that PHP, the "speaker" calls out in to said database. "Mr. PHP" speaks in the language of "SQL" to the "Crowd" (the database) Hey I need all photos from 11/18/2008 to appear here RIGHT NOW", and those photos arrive in the order they are assigned by another variable along the way, such as a menu item. (If the person clicks the top menu button, all images from 11/18/2008 will appear in the order from earliest to latest in the day".

If you go hang out at a bar, you're certain to learn some salty language and raunchy stories along the way. Come hang out at our place instead and learn how to broadcast those unspeakable things out onto the internet, you shameless cad you. Just imagine putting out those things you hold legitimate. The positive always outweighs the negative, and it's time to make a difference.

Call us at (619) 550-1285 or Drop us an Email. Otherwise, here's a link to an Anger Management Resource or All you need to know about hair replenishment.

This video is an animation of one of the infamous "random text spam emails". Nothing makes sense. Spend one hour with us, and we'll decipher it into useful poetry for you to call upon.

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